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Investment Casting (precision casting, Lost Wax Casting) offers numerous advantages, including: Freedom of design, Near net shapes, Good dimensional accuracy, Total production flexibility, Suitable for most pourable metals and alloys. Our precision investment casting operation started in 1989. Now we employ 200 people, and work in a facility of 5,000 square meters. We can cast components in most steels and alloys to produce intricate and metallurgically precision castings with tight tolerance. The demand of investment casting parts has remarkably increased, especially from overseas buyers. Similar to sand casting, high intense labor is required; this makes us especially suited for cost conscious customers, in spite of freight cost and custom duty incurred, they still benefit much from offshore procurement. The aforementioned inherent advantages of investment casting, coupled with our company's versatility, allow us to fulfil a wide range of requests from our customers. Our customers are able to entrust large or small projects with us in the confidence that we will meet their demands promptly, efficiently and economically.
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