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  • Stamping Advantages
  • Stamping advantage one: High efficiency, easy to operate, easy to implement mechanization and automation. This

    is because that the stamping relies on stamping dies and stamping equipment to complete the process, the trips of

    general press can be up to dozens of times per minute, the high speed pressure can be up to hundreds or even

    thousands of times per minute, and each press stroke will get a stamping.


    Stamping advantage two: The stamping dies guarantee stamping size and shape precision, and don't change the

    stamping surface treatment quality, so the stamping dies can be use for long time. And stamping part quality is

    consistent, have the characteristic of "exactly the same".


    Stamping advantage three: Stamping can produce a large range of sizes and more complex shape parts.


    Stamping advantage four: Stamping can save the material and lower down cost.

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