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  • About Metal Stamping
  • Metal stamping is a process employed in producing metal products with specific designs. The metal alloy sheets are used as stock. This stock is not stamped on presses using die and punch or drawn into shapes on hydraulic deep drawing machine. Common examples are automobile parts, sheet metal machines, metal components used in audio and video devices, military tanks, and even aerosol spray cans. A household example is the use of sheet of metal to make pots and pans.

    Sheet metals can be molded into different pre-determined shapes. The metals must be malleable and need to flow easily in order to be drawn into shapes. Stamping can be done on different metals like Zinc, Nickel, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Bronze and other alloys. This is a mass production, economical process with low cycle time. So it is widely used in producing large volume products with semi-skilled labor. The process is also called chipless producing.


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