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  • Metal Stamping Applications
  • Metal Stamping Applications:

    Metal stamping is used in engineering application to produce  lettering, three-dimensional parts and so on.

    Many products are used in electrical appliances, process engineering applications,  manufacturing units, automobiles, etc. Some parts are produced using: engine base, flywheel shroud, base weight, bracket, brake flange, conveyer flight, balance clamp, washer, friction plate and bushing seat.

    Metal stamping process grows rapidly and, and has replaced other metal forming processes like machining and forging for some reasons.

    The primary reason is cost effectiveness. The dies used in forging are more expensive than metal stamping.

    The cost of the second process, like plating and cleaning are reduced.
    Highly automated machine is available to complete by metal stamping more quickly than comparable processes.

                                                       -----Regina Mong

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