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    Cupped head pins

    1. Cupped head insulation pins is a insulation fastener which is used to fasten the insulation materials to sheet metal of air duct, other heating, ventilating or air conditioning.

    2. A fabricated part made up of a weld pin and a staked on retaining washer,it is usually applied with a capacitor discharge stud welder. 

    3. The method of application is to place the insulation onto a metal surface, push the Cup Head weld pin through the insulation, and weld affix (mount) the entire fabrication in one step. Now it is widely accepted as labor saving fasteners in the thermal and acoustical insulation markets for use in industrial and commercial applications.

    4. The standard material for cupped head pins is low carbon steel, for special order,the material is 18-8 stainless steel. we call Quilting pins. 

    Low carbon Steel-Pin/Washer

    C-0.23% Max P-0.04% Max.

    Mn-0.09% Max S-0.05% Max
    Low Carbon Steel-Pin/Washer
    Values Available Upon Request
    Stainless Steel
    Not Standard, But Available by special order
    Galvanized is standard, Cooper plating is Avail upon special request
    Washer edge is beveled to prevent cutting of insulation material
    Paper insulation washers
    Available for welding through foil faced insulation
stud welding nails
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