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  • die casting automotive pump

  • Die Casting Automotive Pump

    Product Description:

    a. Material: aluminum alloy

    b. Surface treatment: anodizing, chemical oxidation ect

    c. Tool material: 3Cr2W8V, H13, SKD-61, H11, VIDAR S, DIEVAR, QRO90S

    d. Tool time: 50000-70000 dies

    e. Process: Coremaking-- Casting--Inspection-- Machining-- Finishing--Cleaning-- Final quality inspection

    f. If you have any other kinds of custom die casting parts need to be produced, please send drawing to me and pay attention as below:

  • File format: PDF, CAD, IGS, STEP, JPG and Solidworks
  • Sample Time: 20-40 days
  • Quotation time: within 3 days, usually only within 1 day, if can not be offered in time, will let you know.
  • FAQ:

    A. Design protection?
    We will not send your drawing to other importers, let other companies copy your design.

    B. About mold?
    The mold alway belongs to your company, only you have the usage rights. Will not use for other companies without your approval.

    C. Tooling cost?
    You only need to pay one time at the beginning of the sample production. In the future if the mold is bad, we will make a new mold without asking changes from you. The new tooling cost will be in our account.

    D. Quality documents?
    After shipment, the material cert and dimension inspection report will be offered with the BL, packing list and commercial invoice together.

    E. Quotation validity?
    Usually 1 year, but except the force majeure conditions. I think you can understand it.

    F. How to contact this best and most responsible supplier?
    Regina Mong
    Skype: oriensmetal2
    WhatsApp: +86-13630980800

    Rich experience, Competitive price, High quality, Good delivery time!

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