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  • ductile iron sand casting
    > Advantage:
    1.More than 26 years production experience
    2.Strict QC system
    3.Small quantity is accepted
    4.Pretty competitive price, quick reply, fast delivery

    > Quality control:
    1. We evaluate the quality of your IGS or STEP files for the machining process. If they do not meet our standards, our sales will work with you to get better files.
    2. We ensure that each piece of equipment we use is maintained and calibrated to it's original specifications. More importantly, we use only the most modern equipment.
    3. We evaluate projects to ensure that they are within tolerance according to the process used to produce it.
    4. Each part will be wrapped in protective layer by our experienced packaging people and then put in oversized box to avoid any breakage.
    5. Our sales person will follow up with you after delivery to make certain that your parts meet your expectations.

    Product Description:

    > Article:
    ductile iron sand casting
    > Matrial:
    ductile iron, or gray iron, or other aluminum, copper ect are all workable
    > Surface treatment:
    zinc plating ect as custom request
    > File format:
    > Sand casting process:
    Drawing-- Make mold-- Coremaking-- Take shape-- Cleaning ( remove sand, welding and polishing to improve the surface )-- Inspect quality-- Arrange ( heat treatment, surface treatment ect according to different customers' special requirements )-- Final quality inspection-- Packing
    > Tool material:
    wood or other matal materials, or as your request
    > Tool lifetime:
    50000-100000 dies
    > Sample Time:
    20-40 days
    > Quotation time:
    within 3 days, usually only within 1-2 days, if can not be offered, will let you know in time
    > Delivery time:
    5-50 days, the accurate time will be according to the final product type and quantity

    We are the OEM supplier, produce according to customer drawing or sample, either one is workable for us. So with our 26 years exporting experience and professional team, I have confidence in all cooperations.

    > Questions you may care:
    A. Design protection?
    We will not send your drawing to other importers, let other companies copy your design.
    B. About mold?
    The mold alway belongs to your company, only you have the usage rights. Will not use for other companies without your approval.
    C. Tooling cost?
    You only need to pay one time at the beginning of the sample production. In the future if the mold is bad, we will make a new mold without asking changes from you. The new sand casting mold cost will be in our account.
    D. Quotation validity?
    Usually 1 year, but except the force majeure conditions. I think you can understand it.
    Make our 100% efforts to get your 1 satisfied smile. ^-^

    Please do not hesitate to contact me:

    Regina Mong

    (Marketing manager)

    Skype: oriensmetal2
    Tel/ WhatsApp: 008613630980800

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